We have other equipment complementary to the coffee processes for both the Humid process and the Dry process in Milling Machines. Contact us to expand information of the product of your interest.

The Cherry Coffee Sorter not only separates the immature grains but also removes other defective grains of smaller size and materials like leaves, sticks and stones; Thus cleaning the coffee that will be pulped.
This generates greater efficiency in the pulper and extends the service life of the racks.
It improves the quality of your coffee from before being pulped. Ideal for "Specialty Coffees"


WECO (Woodside Electronics Corporation), based in California, has been designing, manufacturing, and servicing electronic sorters for over thirty years and has thousands of units deployed worldwide.

WECO serves several industries: tomato sorting on the harvester; the walnut industry; and several small fruits including, blueberries, cherry coffee, cranberries and wine grapes.

Mejora la calidad de Taza en Cafés especiales

The SELECTA M-400 Optical Sorter is ideal for small productions of Specialty Coffees, generating a cup of excellent quality.

The estimated production varies between 150 and 200 kg / hour of cherry coffee.

SELECTA Sorter are produced in Brazil and are Robusta construction and simple Operation so that they can be used by farm personnel.

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