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CIMBRIA is one of the world's largest manufacturers of machinery for processing most grains and seeds, such as: Coffee, peanuts, nuts, maize, rice, soybeans, beans among others ...
Within its equipment has a high range of optical sorters for these grains / seeds and also for plastic products granulated or in flakes.

SEA IQ 6.png

You are committed to delivering the highest quality for your customers. The Cimbria SEA.IQ optical sorter can help you deliver. The advanced design gives you the highest precision with less rework. The all-new optical system integrates RGB, NIR, and SWIR or UV into each set of cameras. They work in multi-frequency to match multiple data collected during tens of thousands of scans per second. SEA.IQ was created with your business in mind. You can customize the perfect combination of sensors to maximize quality and efficiency for your application.


SETTING THE SORTING PARAMETERS SEA.IQ has been designed to recognize all defects and imperfections. Gathered by the ideal combination of vision systems (RGB+NIR with SWIR, InGaAS, UV) applied to the sorter, the information is fi ltered by the program to allow comparison with the parameters established by the operator. Thus, was born the formula that allows the ideal selection to the needs of the case

SEA CX 5.png

SEA.CX offers the ultimate Full-Colour RGB technology with 0.06mm optical resolution to meet the most demanding quality standards with respect to seeds, grains, food and non-food commodities.

The combination of the Full-Colour vision system with NIR and InGaAs technologies makes SEA.CX the most advanced vision-based sorter on the market, dedicated to the most challenging sorting applications.

SEA HY.png

Previously known as Hypersort, the SEA.HY Optical Sorter is ideal for food sorting applications and plays a leading role in the recycling industry worldwide. Using Hyperspectral Near-infrared cameras, SEA.HY excels with food like almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, and other nuts; separating foreign bodies such as fragments of shells or stones, and other contaminants like wood, glass and plastics. SEA.HY combines high resolution RGB Full-Colour with SWIR cameras for maximum purity and food safety even in the most challenging sorting applications with elements sized from 2 to 30 mm. In industrial applications, SEA.HY is the right choice for added value processes and makes the recycling of different polymers possible. The separation of different polymers that have the same colour has always been a challenge in dry processing, as the polymers cannot be visually distinguished. Now, thanks to SEA.HY, all PET, PVC, PE, PP, PS or other polymers can be recycled in order to conform to the purity standards required in the market today.

SEA TN 3.png

SEA.TN features a multispectral vision system with SMART Full-Color RGB cameras and NIR integrated technology. In addition to the three primary colors (red, green and blue), SEA.TN uses near infrared frequency (NIR) to detect any color defect and optimize the separation of foreign bodies (stones, sticks, glass, plastic) with a similar color to the conforming product.

- Optical resolution: 0,06 mm

- Scan rate: 25,000 scans/second

- Sort by transparency and reflection at the same time

- Optional InGaAs cameras can be added to meet your sorting target

- The intuitive touchscreen improves the user experience, allowing the operator to set up to 8 families of defects and simplifies recipe set up. 

UV light coffee beans.png

The CIMBRIA CHROMEX electronic sorter allows the incorporation of Ultraviolet cameras, and under the UV spectrum, very old coffee, with fungi and / or contaminated with aflatoxins and ochratoxins, can be removed.

The machine is Dual, since it selects defects by Color and Ultraviolet

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