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Secadoras Mega
TC 100- Cargill Brasil 100_0747
Secadora Mega
Tablero de Control
Grain Dryers

The drying process in your plant or industry is key in the conditioning of grains. In Ingeniería Mega S.A. You will find the advice of specialists in drying solutions.

We offer the highest technology in grain drying.


The design of the columns that transport the grains allows the homogeneous distribution of the air.

The mixed flow of the grain that descends through the column offers low resistance to the passage of air. This design allows to reduce energy consumption, maintaining a large volume of specific flow.

The grain mass descends zig-zag inside the column and a stream of hot dry air surrounds the grain in a homogeneous way when it makes its rotation movement. Air enhances the transmission of energy and absorbs moisture. As a result of this efficient operation, the yield per ton of grain in process increases.

Cyclic tempering improves moisture migration to the outer layer of the grain. This system manages to alternate the periods of hot air circulation with the waiting periods during the downward movement of the grain mass within the column.

The Mega unloading system, with its exclusive scanning plate, guarantees the proportionality of the tons that are discharged according to the regulation of the speed of the drying flow. This electronic procedure consists in the simple movement of a knob that increases or decreases the speed of the discharge.

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