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Control de Flujo
Controlador de Flujo

The flow controller FC3 combines the elements of dosing and volumetric combination in a constant flow, all this integrated in a machine of compact design by which it facilitates its installation between the silo hopper and discharge conveyor.

FRIEDRICH is a German company which is specialized in the manufacture of equipment for the measurement and grains dosing.

The DC3 vertical weighing tube features impact balance technology, which provides a more comfortable approach to bulk flow applications without the bump scale requirement.

The dynamic force is calculated and evaluated with high precision by a load cell. All this is proportional to the mass flow.

Bascula de Paso Friedrich DC3.jpg
controlador de bache

The BC3 bump driver combines a pneumatic slider and a baffle sensor in a compact system.
It provides pre-selection and monitoring of functions which simplifies the loading process. In addition to having the possibility of calculating the weight of the discharge.

The automatic damping system NC6, allows to apply a monitoring and a constant regulation of humidity.

This treatment provides multiple advantages for threshing quality and mill performance.

humedad grano
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